The Goddard School (Sienna) Holiday Fundraiser


Start date: December 5, 2022
End date: December 31, 2022
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am

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The Goddard School of Sienna, owned by Yakin and Manpreet Patidar, is greatly invested in the welfare of local communities. They have supported many philanthropic causes during the year, and this month they have chosen to support Taasa Health. Taasa Health is an organization improving the quality of life in Africa by developing a sustainable healthcare model, providing accessible education, encouraging female empowerment, and increasing economic development. The Goddard School of Sienna’s goal through this campaign is to help raise $5,000 dollars for Taasa Health to help achieve their vision so they can continue to aid people who are in desperate need of a helping hand. It is a vision that aligns with the school’s and 100% of the money raised will go towards direct aid in Africa. The Goddard School of Sienna will match dollar for dollar up to $1,500 to help achieve this goal.

To contribute to Taasa Health, you can make a donation online through the link here. There will be donation boxes set up at The Goddard School of Sienna if you prefer to donate in person.

$25 helps provide: Critical medical equipment (stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, scale)

$50 helps provide: Test kits and vaccines

$100 helps provide: Several months of water transported to the clinic

$250 helps provide: One month’s supply of medicine

$500 helps provide: Monthly salaries for our clinic’s staff

$1,000 helps provide: One crib and bed for our Maternity ward

$2,500 helps to provide: Purchase a water cistern, enabling the clinic to have flowing water

About Taasa Health:

Taasa Health was founded in 2019 with the goal of establishing sustainable development in rural East African communities. The primary focus at the beginning of this endeavor was to build health clinics to provide locals with access to quality medical care. Taasa Health is a registered 501(c)3 and contributions are tax deductible.

Taasa constructed its first clinic in the eastern Ugandan village of Buvunya in the Mabira forest region, and began operations in 2019. In Buvunya, Taasa scaled its operations to treating over 250 patients per month and delivering 40 healthy babies in its first two years. The clinic helped provide immediate access to healthcare for the nearby village and farming area, as the nearest medical services were more than two hours away for most villagers. Beyond the health clinic, Taasa also launched a series of community development programs in the village, including maternal health and education classes for mothers, distributing care packages and food to poorer families early in the pandemic, planting a village garden, and creating and sponsoring a local soccer team called Taasa F.C. In early 2020, Taasa handed management of the Buvunya clinic back to local clinicians to focus on a second location.

After scouting potential new locations, Taasa recently purchased a plot of 12 acres of land in a rural village in western Uganda, near Kalungu. For villagers in this area, the nearest health clinic is currently 2 to 3 hours away. There’s no access to alternative healthcare programs so the village elders were very eager to partner with Taasa. In Kalungu, Taasa intends on replicating the model of our first clinic in Buvunya, focusing first on building a healthcare facility and then expanding to broader empowerment and support programs (and hopefully bringing a school to the village as well).

Taasa has completed construction of the clinic, and your donations will help begin operations by year end.

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