About Taasa


Taasa Health Inc. is dedicated to advancing community-based health and wellness in underserved parts of the world


Taasa Health is at the forefront of reducing preventable disease and illness in under-resourced communities. Through equipping local health providers with the resources to deliver sustainable, community health services, Taasa is working towards a day when all people have access to quality essential health services. Taasa's programming incorporates activities that promote women's empowerment, local economic development, and education.

Staff Housing

We will build additional staff housing. We intend to rapidly increase our patient intake, and want to make it as convenient as possible for new clinicians to join our staff.

Patient Housing

We will support the building of housing for patients. This will allow patients from throughout the region to receive treatment without repeatedly making the strenuous, and often dangerous walks from their home villages to the clinic.


We will support the building of a fully modern laboratory facility. Currently, any patients that require lab testing need to be referred to larger, more distant facilities. Many of these patients require immediate diagnosis and care. The additional time required to get to the testing facilities can often mean the difference between a rapid recovery, or prolonged illness or death.

Maternity Ward

We will support building a maternity ward. Every day, countless women in the region give birth in almost medieval environments; on the dirt floor of their homes, with a single midwife, limited, if any, medicine, and a few towels for sanitation. A modern maternity ward would give women a safe and sanitary location to deliver and care for their infants. This is a crucial step in the development plan since maternity health and family planning are vital to female empowerment in the community.