Building on the model of self-sustainability achieved by Taasa Buvunya, in March 2021 Taasa Health purchased twelve acres of land in Uganda’s Kalungu district in order to build our second clinic. We broke ground on the new facility in March of 2022 and treated our first patient in December 2022. Before the completion of the new clinic, citizens of this district only have access to one regional hospital, which is more than an hour away for most people. By expanding access to healthcare, Taasa Health’s efforts in Kalungu will make a lasting impact on the region.
At the Kalungu clinic, we will initially focus our attention on constructing and supplying facilities for outpatient care, lab services, and a maternity ward. Our goal is to then invest in additional community infrastructure, including a community center, a soccer field, staff housing, a library, and a variety of continuing education courses for adults on topics like finance and crafts. As in Buvunya, we also hope to sponsor the development of a community garden as part of a broader nutrition program. Ideally, this garden and other community programs will also provide new job opportunities to residents of Kalungu. Over time, we are also excited about the prospect for our land to accommodate a school for local children, supported by Taasa Health.
Across our initiatives, we hope to set an example of sustainable and environmentally friendly development with a thoughtful, efficient, and responsible plan for our construction. We are currently hoping to raise $30K to break ground on construction for the clinic’s main building and hygiene station in Summer 2021, and we appreciate your support! To directly contribute to specific projects, check out our open sponsorships here.