Meet the Taasa Team

Clinical Staff

Meet the amazing team at the Taasa Buvunya Clinic.

They work tirelessly every day to provide much needed medical care to mothers, children, and all who enter their doors.

  • Richard Ntwasi
    Richard Ntwasi
    Head of Operations
  • Iryn Mwesigwa
    Iryn Mwesigwa

US Staff

  • Vito Capuano
    Vito Capuano
    Founder & President
  • Tom Lawton
    Tom Lawton
    Vice President
  • Dr. Theodore Hausler D.O.
    Dr. Theodore Hausler D.O.
    Chief of Medicine
  • Nikhil Dixit
    Nikhil Dixit
  • Cole Gendels
    Cole Gendels
    Chief of Fundraising