Friends of Taasa

Taasa is first and foremost a community organization. We strive every day to create a strong and healthy community in the Mabira Forest Region, and will only succeed if the community itself is willing and able to contribute. To have individuals from outside of that community, who may have no affiliation with or knowledge of the Mabira Forest Region, still willing to contribute to aid us in our mission is a humbling experience. For their time, effort, and dedication to our cause, we are grateful to:

Brett Plugis

Caroline McGuire

Ketaki Ranade

Shah, Dixit & Associates

Hannah Hage

Jon DeLeon

The Capuano Family

Karen Hausler

Theresa Weinman

Elaine Hickey

The Winfield Family

Eva Moylan

Joe Hinderstine

Justin Salm

Jack O’Connor

William Gibbs

Alex Kouwenhoven  

Shannon O'Connor  

Jess Hausler

Cole Gendels