Maternity Bed Delivery

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Uganda, a landlocked country in East Africa, is home to more than 42.5 million people. With a young and fast-growing population, strengthening the health system is a necessity. Taasa’s qualified and trained healthcare professionals are working every day to bring vital health services to the people of the Mariba forest region.

Worldwide, a pregnant woman or newborn dies every 11 seconds, resulting in 7,854 deaths per day. While the health needs of the Lugalambo community are extensive, Taasa has chosen to prioritize efforts aimed at increasing access to quality and affordable maternal healthcare. Defined as healthcare before, during, and after childbirth, maternal healthcare is integral to ensuring that both mother and her newborn are healthy. Prenatal and antenatal care reduces the risk of labor complications, further decreasing maternal mortality rates and the prevalence of preventable deaths.

For women who live in the Lugalambo community, accessing a health center that is equipped to deliver a baby can require a woman to travel 45 kilometers while she is in labor. Because of this obstacle, many women are forced to give birth in unsanitary and unsterilized environments with no healthcare professional or skilled birth attendant present. Prior to the delivery of the birthing bed, the Taasa clinicians frequently had to improvise while using an exam bed, which did not lend itself to deliveries, in order to safely care for the mother and newborn.

With the pooled contributions of Taasa’s generous supporters, the Clinic has been able to purchase and procure a maternity bed, an IV bag drip stand, a crib, numerous “Maama kits”, and necessary delivery instruments. A heartfelt thank you to Joe Hinderstein, a dedicated supporter of Taasa Health’s, who raised $1,700, which allowed the clinic to purchase and procure a birthing bed.

On December 12th, the day that the birthing bed was delivered, the Taasa Health clinicians delivered a healthy baby girl. Twenty minutes following the set up of the bed, the soon-to-be mother arrived at the clinic in labor, and safely delivered her daughter, later to be named Marcy. The clinicians were thankful to have had this piece of equipment that helped to ensure that the baby was brought into the world without labor complications. The birthing bed will continue to play an integral part in Taasa’s mission to provide safe and quality care to all women in the community.


Supply Reasoning  
Birthing bed Provides comfort and security for mothers throughout all stages of childbirth and enables clinicians to safely deliver the baby  
IV bag pole/stand Provides mothers with a continuous supply of fluids and medicines, and allows for clinicians to establish a secure method for administering fluids  
Crib Creates a safe and secure environment for the newborn while the mother recovers  
Maama Kits Mitigates several risks associated with labor and delivery, decreases risk of infection, and helps women safely deliver their babies  
Necessary instruments Provides clinicians with the tools to decrease the risk of labor and delivery complications  


Taasa’s New Maternity Bed