Dr. Ted on Establishing a Community Garden, and Reviving the Soccer Team!

taasahealthCommunity Building

Over the last year, exciting progress has been achieved at the Taasa Health Clinic. As you may know, the clinic not only serves as a critical health resource for the community, but also as an employer, and source of community spirit.

In February 2020, our Chief of Medicine, Dr. Ted Hausler, returned to the clinic and the community. Dr. Ted, who works in Family Medicine in Upstate NY, first met the Founder of the Taasa Clinic, Henry, while on a medical trip to Uganda and has since remained in close contact and partnership. Dr. Ted spent time at the Clinic, as well as in the community and observed projects that are operating in full swing.

Community Garden:

During the two rainy seasons, the communities of the Mabira Forest region of Uganda face severe monsoons and flooding. In response to growing food insecurity, Taasa has established a community garden adjacent to the clinic, which provides a small harvest of nutritional foods. The community garden, which recently has become host to beans, corn, and fruit squash, is serving as a small example of how sustainable farming can contribute to healthier lifestyles. Our dedicated staff have taught lessons on composing and effective gardening methods, such as the three sisters planting technique.

A new irrigation system was incorporated in the garden to reduce the water runoff from flooding that could erode the clinic’s grounds. The system serves a dual-purpose as rainwater is collected and repurposed to irrigate the garden. Through generous contributions of seeds, the garden was able to begin flourishing.

Taasa FC:

Acting as a convenor in the community, Taasa has worked to revive a previously established community soccer team, Taasa FC! With support of the Taasa clinicians, the team is utilizing an empty field to foster a new source of pride for Buvuunya. The team comes together after a day’s work and frequently draws fans from all over the community to cheer on the action. The establishment of the Taasa FC team has been pivotal in growing community ties with the clinic, and has led to a successful team who travels throughout the region to match up against other teams.

The Taasa Clinic remains operational during COVID-19. Follow us on Instagram @TaasaHealth to learn more about what our response has entailed.