Dr. Ted’s February Visit

taasahealthClinic Updates

Over the last year, exciting progress has been achieved at the Taasa Health Clinic. As some of you may know, the clinic not only serves as a critical health resource for the community, but also as a supplier of essential commodities during the COVID outbreak, an employer, and source of community spirit.

In February 2020, our Chief of Medicine, Dr. Ted Hausler, returned to the clinic to speak with our clinicians about the clinic’s performance and identify any critical needs. Dr. Ted, who works in Family Medicine in Upstate NY, first met the Founder of the Taasa Clinic, Henry, while on a medical trip to Uganda and has since remained in close contact and partnership.

Upon arrival, Dr. Ted was quick to identify the transformative power that a fresh coat of paint could have on the clinic. Within the first few days, the inside of the clinic was freshly painted and artwork was hung in efforts to create a more refined, welcoming, and accommodating environment. While painting, it was clear that the clinic could benefit from a better organizational structure, which would allow donated items to be found easily and medications to be stored safely. With this in mind, Dr. Ted and Henry installed shelving in each room and designated one room, “The Pharmacy”. Through precise labeling of expiration dates and names of medications, Dr. Ted was able to discuss each of the medications with our clinicians.

Recognizing the importance of continued medical education for health workers, Dr. Ted sought to provide materials and medical guidance for Taasa’s own. With medical reference books in tow from New York, Dr. Ted worked alongside our clinicians to navigate the medical readings and guide each through procedures, including circumcisions, machete wound care, and fistula repair. The introduction of new surgical procedures, which expand our clinician’s capabilities, has been transformative for healthcare in the rural community. Medical protocols and procedures were developed and established to ensure a uniformed standard of quality care.

During his visit, Dr. Ted shadowed clinicians to observe the quality care that is provided, and identified areas for improvement for each practitioner. Dr. Ted was present to answer questions, assist in teachable moments, and provide constructive feedback for each clinician.

Dr. Ted observed the work that that clinic is conducting to mitigate the risk of infection for their patients. Through the development and implementation of new sanitation policies and measures, patients are able to seek care in a facility that prioritizes cleanliness. Starting within the clinic, our practitioners are enforcing a newly developed policy, which prohibits garbage on the clinic’s grounds in order to maintain a sterilized environment. Dr. Ted shared that through community engagement with young children and families, Taasa is hoping to instill the importance of cleanliness in homes and in shared community spaces.

The Taasa Clinic remains operational during COVID-19. Follow us on Instagram @TaasaHealth to learn more about what our response has entailed.