Brooklyn Half Marathon 2022


Date: April 24, 2022
All-day event
Location: Brooklyn, NY

We are super excited to announce that our next fundraising effort is already underway! Coming up on April 24th, we will be having a Taasa Health team competing in the Brooklyn Half Marathon!

Each runner has a goal of raising $40 per mile and bring in a total of over $500 to go towards helping build out our newest clinic in Uganda. Specifically, any donations made towards our Brooklyn Half Marathon team would go to furnishing the inside of the clinic while simultaneously bringing more awareness to our cause!

It has been absolutely amazing to see the continued support we have had from you all over the years and we would greatly appreciate any donation amount as we continue to raise money for the half marathon!

Taasa Health is accepting runners that are already registered for the Brookyln Half Marthon to join our team! For more information, and to register reach out via our contact portal here.

Runners that hit a $500 goal will get their registration fee reimbursed.

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Racers – To donate to an individual racer’s campaign please click their name below.